Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Will the US train us, Muslim Americans to take on ISIS
The (Un) Islamic state of Iraq and Syria is an organization of individuals who coul easily put even beasts to shame. They belong to league of Hitler, ben Ladens and many more who promoted terror and murder for reasons they could not explain to themselves. They are against Christians, Jews, secularists and even Muslims. They are fighting a war they claim religious, which is overtly Satanic. Where do they get monetary support? Who supplies them weapons and ammunition? Who helps them in Europe and USA to recruit young Muslims who are usually unknown in their own communities for their commitment to Islam.
The ISIS is an organization that stands for everything that is rejected by Islam. Islam demands sanctity of human life and ISIS rejects it. Islam demands respect to elders, women and children, the ISIS rejects it. Islam calls for peace, the ISIS makes a mockery of peace. Islam demands protection of non-Muslims, the ISIS acts contrary to that. Islam asks for mercy in every aspect of life and the ISIS promotes cruelty and brutality.
Islam has seen the rise of such groups in the past and Muslims acting in defense of their faith have dealt heavy blows to them.  There is no reason to believe that Muslims will not organize them against the menace of ISIS. The kurds, the Iraqis, the Syrians, all Muslims, are working together to stop the murderous organization.
By beheading two innocent Americans, the ISIS has committed act of aggression against Muslim Americans as well. It is now the turn of Muslim Americans to work with the Administration to eliminate this organization. Many of us are willing to be trained to assume the actual combat role in fighting the ISIS in Iraq. But we need training and more than that the trust that we are as much concerned about the safety of fellow Americans as anyone else.
We can work with the local enforcement agencies as we have been working for long to ensure that elements that seek recruitment of young individuals  to the nefarious ideology of ISIS are identified and nabbed before they succeed in their agenda.
Through our Friday sermons, we can as we have done in the past make our stand against the senseless violence known to our congregants. We take the matter of our national security seriously. We feel that we as Muslim Americans are the first line of defense of our nation against groups like ISIS. Their supporters come from our community. They are not outsiders. We are the ones who would be effective in tracking them and ensuring that they are identified before they could harm us.
We know that the fight against ISIS is a jihad for Muslims in general and we would not hesitate in responding fire with fire if that is needed. We must also realize that while the fight against terror is a common struggle for all of us, the jihad against groups like ISIS is something specific for Muslims. Their religion is being misused by a bunch of thugs in the name of God. Their scriptures are being distorted, their commitment to universal brotherhood and sisterhood is being challenged and their efforts to live a life contributing positively to humanity is being violated.
It is for these reasons we urge our country to provide our able bodied people to take on ISIS in their own turf.

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