Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Similarities between the two mighty messengers of God.

Jesus is the son of a virgin named Maryam (“Mary” in English), who is a role model for faithful women. He is a prophet filled with the Holy Spirit (surat 2 Al-Baqarah, 87) and the messiah in both religions (but the Christians add that besides having a human nature, he would be God too, which the Quran clearly denies). Jesus is the “word of truth” (surat 19 Maryam, 34). He, through God’s power and will, cures the blind and the leper, raises the dead to life and knows what you eat and what you store in your houses (surat 3 'Ali `Imran, 49).

The seven billion plus people in our world today, some 4.5 billion are the followers of Prophet Jesus and Prophet Muhammad. Here are some similarities between them. These are the values that define both of our communities. Of course these are common to other faiths too, but the two might messengers of God devoted their lives for this. Circulate them at your will.
1. Neither Prophet Jesus nor Prophet Muhammad claimed divinity for them.
2. They both said that the message t...
hey were relaying to people was from the God, almighty, omnipotent and Omni present.
3. They both said that human beings are essentially good.
4. They both said that through dedicating their life to God, they can reach the true potential of their existence.
5. They both said that God is merciful and loving and forgiving and compassionate.
6. They both said that life is sacred and it must be protected and respected.
7. They both said that justice is the essence of one's existence.
8.They both said take care of your neighbors and do not exploit others on the basis of your status.
9. They both worked tirelessly to end bloodshed and bring peace to their communities.
10. They both preached that humanity is one and people are free to make their choices in life.
11. They both said that violence is not the norm of human society.
12. They both said that human beings can live in harmony and peace if they overcome their egos.
13. They both said that discrimination and prejudice on any basis is anti-divine because He is the creator of all.
14. They both said that human beings are the trustees of the divine resources created in the world. Those resources should be used to help human beings achieve their highest potential. And not to exploit others.
15. And they both sacrificed their life, their comfort for the well beings of all. They both suffered persecution but never complained. They endured because their goal was to see humanity relate with each other in love and compassion.

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