Monday, June 4, 2018

What, then, is the Lailatul Qadr?

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah
God Almighty revealed the Quran at a time when the world was living in a spiritual vacuum and darkness.  It was a world that had forgotten the significance of the divine revelation or Wahi in one's life. In fact the renewal of the revelation was a turning point in human history and the beginning of a new era.      
It was expected that men and women under the divine guidance would create a world that would bring about peace and justice and end the exploitative ways of managing things. It was meant to redefine God and His message in an objective manner.
The night when the revelation began was indeed the most blessed night, better than 1,000 months.
This night created the intellectual conditions for the the coming of an era where human beings under the divine guidance would be inspired to explore the forces of nature and learn about their real purpose of existence. They would overcome superstitions and irrational thoughts that had dominated them for centuries in the name of God.
The guidance would inspire Human beings to rid of all darkness and ignorance and ultimately  bring material resources in full harmony with the divine guidance. The resources created by the divine would be used for serving humanity not destroying it. It was expected that Humans would draw strength from their intellect, sincerity and commitment to divine guidance as well as from the hidden forces of Allah.
It’s a night when human beings should focus on rediscovering their real purpose in the universe under the divine guidance and refresh their commitment to those values. If they do that this one night would be better than 1000 months and they would rediscover the real essence of life.
So what should we do in this night.
Select a few passages of the Quran that reminds human beings of their role in this universe and reflect on them while offering prayers as many times as one can and seek clarity for the future work.
Spend the night in seclusion pondering about the Quran message. 
In addition to having big lectures and extra congregational prayers with lengthy duas sung in heart melting voices also spend the night reflecting upon your existence, your purpose and your future commitment and Allah has promised that you would find the power in this night.


  1. If any lecture or dua make us shed tears of remorse or make us cry out of love of Allah, then indeed we have used the night in a good way. Sitting alone reflecting upon our existence and our purpose is indeed a great way to attain righteousness, but if the same is not achieved due to any reason and time is passed in vague thoughts, it is better to attend a congregation where the religious talks are being said. At least, there we could hear things that can benefit us.

    The concentration level of today's youths is zero so it is better for them to attend lectures and congregations where the fountains of love of Allah are gushing out and people are crying remembering their sins and past mistakes. This shall leave a great impact on one's spiritual side that can even get him back on the lost path...

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