Thursday, June 14, 2012

Egypt-The Pharaoh is Back  

by Dr. Aslam Abdullah
The Egyptian military has its own secrets, its own financial interests, its own underhand deals, and its own ideology. Mubarak was a symbolic figure. The real power was in the hands of the top brass of the army who worked behind the scene to ensure that their control over the country remains strong. The string of the military interests goes beyond the borders of the country. Those who manufacture arms and ammunition, those who want to control the economy of the so-called third world countries, those who view Israel as an essential component of their theology and those who view the emergence of any religious movement as a political power do not want  Egyptian democracy to succeed if it means handing power to those who are not under their control.
The police serve them the courts serve them; the clergy is on their side, and every institution that was built during the last 60 years serves them. Egypt is still under Pharaoh, the names have changed, the labels of governance have changed, and the nationality of rulers has changed, but the pattern of power is the same.
Egypt is no longer run by its people even though it had an elected parliament and when the elites feared that the parliament can bring about substantial change, it moved the courts to dismiss the parliament. Egypt is no longer run by its own military. They are puppets of an international mafia whose interests is to sustain its weaponry business and its economic interests. The decision to abolish parliament was not taken by the military in Cairo or Alexandria. It was taken by the powerful global mafia that signaled their puppets to do what was necessary to preserve their interests.
Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic groups that have popular support are naive to believe that the power would be transferred to them so easily. No dictator has ever relinquished its power, especially when he is invisible. 
Regardless, they must be open in their affairs. they must declare their manifesto ensuring that every citizen of Egypt, regardless of his or her religious, gender or ethnic identity would be treated equally and the constitution would be supreme.
The only solution to the ugly situation is when the ranks and file in the military revolt against the top brass with the help of the air force. Otherwise, the brutal force of the top military generals and their international backers do not care for hundreds and thousands of casualties.
No one in political America would ever shed a tear for those innocent victims.  The power elites of America do not care for human rights or human dignity or democracy. These ideas are acceptable only when the national interests (the interests of multinational corporations and the international financial mafia) secure. The elite knows that it has total control over the US military, it has huge nuclear weapons of mass destruction, its drone technology can kill anyone and everyone everywhere.
The simple fact is that the power elite in Washington and Europe do not trust the Muslim Brotherhood and any Islamic group.
So the struggle for human dignity would continue in Egypt as it would in many other countries of the world. There would be many setbacks, there would be many betrayals, but the power of the tyrants would disintegrate one day under the impact of the determination of people. It was Algeria yesterday and Egypt today. But with the social media at its best and the flame of freedom so high, nothing can prevent people from taking over their rightful place in their society.
Egypt is now the symbol of resistance and we all are Egyptians.

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